Subaru (FHI), FR sport "BRZ" a small co-developed with Toyota Motor Corporation. Was also announced that the configuration is 3 and grade, "S" "R" "RA" to determine the release date on March 28.

The exterior and interior are introduced in the news and "see in the picture" already here, we want to introduce a mechanism for a little more deep.

's "low center of gravity" has it become a basic concept of BRZ. Its benefits along with the two points it is possible to reduce the role, that draw the full power of the tire. In other words, with or without hard suspension settings than necessary, or to install a high-grip tires, a translation can pursue handling performance.

However, it's easy only if written as "low center of gravity" just, quite difficult when it comes to the actual form. If the BRZ, FA20 engine of adoption "D-4S and the next generation, horizontally opposed" is that its core. As you know, the main stream of the company have just handed over to the third generation from FB20 and if Subaru EJ20 fan. Say it has been positioned has been newly developed and FA20-only (so far) there is a dare, and the car is BRZ & 86 with the more important role.

FA20 is a big point of, and specially designed intake manifold (hereinafter, intake manifold) and exhaust manifold (hereinafter, the exhaust manifold), but the adoption of thin oil pan it. This will clarify the features of the high center of gravity horizontally-opposed engine is lower than the engine originally series. And has achieved a very low center of gravity height and 460mm, the minimum ground clearance of 130mm. Also to the rear center position of the engine at the same time. Is also offset to the rear 240mm compared to the new Impreza, on the axle of the front wheel was almost. Weight distribution when you are around the front seat and ride 2 53:47 This, you can enjoy the fun of unique and FR.

Is to minimize the height offset to the rear with the engine, the main part fits in the front tire nearly

From the side. And layout of the main things you should weight, low center of gravity you can imagine the appearance and look Compared

FA20 characters are engraved at the bottom rear of the alternator

Front engine. Although this exhibition in the model does not have the exhaust manifold, it can be seen that the oil pan is a place that is a thinner low number

To the front cross member of the recess for releasing the exhaust manifold is attached

FA20 single engine

Employs a set of 4-2-1 exhaust manifold layout type. To optimize the shape with a larger diameter pipe, it compresses the dimensions from 19mm up and down Impreza

Mission side. Injector port and direct injection injector per intake manifold is in the liver of "D-4S" can be seen

This position of the intake air throttle valve for the front. 径拡 large port tuning may become regular menu?

In contrast to the long stroke and stroke 84.0mm × 90.0mm bore is FB20, FA20 are both 86mm square. Engine and has been oriented towards the higher rotation